Multipurpose bottom combustion solid fuel boiler with pellets burner

  • High efficiency
  • Large fuel load
  • Fuel is loaded from the front or top
  • Automatic adjustment of boiler temperature
  • Secondary air supply
  • Secondary burning chamber with refractory concrete catalyst
  • Smoke exhaust, ignition and draught dampers
  • Fire grates shaking mechanism
  • Heat exchanger cleaning from both boiler’s sides
  • Emergency cooling coil
  • Possibility to mount electric heating element
  • Possibility to install smoke exhauster
  • Easy to modify for firing on solid fuel
  • Housing inner wall steel plate thickness – 6 mm
  • Warranty for boiler frame – 4 years

BURNER BurnPell X Mini

  • Patented fuel mixing inside of burning chamber system
  • Control panel contains mounted emergency thermostat
  • Automatic ignition, cleaning, combustion control
  • Equal electronic output correction
  • Automatic start up after power loss
  • High combustion efficiency – up to 99 %
  • Burner combustion chamber is made of heat proof stainless steel
  • Protection against to back fire inside fuel feeding system
  • Low el. power usage


  • Real time precise operation parameters
  • User and service menu
  • Programming of weekly operation cycle 
  • Controls one heating circuit with servo drive, three-way or four-way valve, and hot water preparation
  • Controls up to 5 heating circuits with additional modules
  • Possibility to control burner via room console using thermostat
  • Possibility to control burner via internet, having connected internet module ecoNET
  • Possibility to control by lambda probe


Boiler model   K-2-40DG
Burner model   BurnPell X.Mini
Control panel   Scontrol  EM892 (touch screen)
Minimal power / Nominal power, kW   10 / 40

Heated area (Energy efficiency acc STR 2.01.02:2016)

B class premises

468 … 1400

C class premises

224 … 668

Pellets size, not bigger than, mm   Ø 6 – 8 
Fuel consumption at nominal output, kg/h   9,4
Water volume in the boiler, l   80
Flue channel diameter, mm   Ø 180
Draught in a burning chamber (firing pellets), Pa   15
Minimum chimney draught (firing logs), Pa   20 … 25

Overall dimensions of the boiler with mounted burner, without bunker and auger pellets conveyor, HxBxL (L k ), mm


1360x930x1600 (1290)

Mass (boiler + burner) / (brutto), (±10%), kg   580 / 605


1 Firing manually – logs, pieces of waste wood, briquettes. It is not recommend to fire logs with moisture contain exceeding 25 %.


Recommended solid fuel boiler room installation diagram (for closed heating system) with a four way mixing valve, boiler, solar energy collector and an expansion tank with a membrane. Boiler has an emergency cooling coil installed.


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