Industrial equipment warranty service

Latest engineering solutions is used while developing UAB “Kalvis” heating equipment. It is manufactured using Contemporary equipment and technology. Only high-quality materials and accessories are used for production. All process control is carried out in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.

If you properly install and maintain the heating equipment, it will work efficiently, safely and reliably.

We apply the following service terms for industrial heating equipment:

  • boiler body – 24 months
  • More detailed information is provided in the passport of each individual product.

Unless otherwise indicated in the equipment passports, the equipment provided in Lithuania is serviced by UAB “Kalvis”.

If the equipment is installed in other countries, contact your equipment supplier for warranty service.

In the above order, ask if you need spare parts, warranty service or repairs.

Save your time! Register malfunctions by e-mail: or by phone +370-672-61000.

Orders are accepted from 8:00 to 15:30.

    The equipment was installed by specialists who arranged the boiler connection (After completing the work indicated in the passport) Can not eliminate defects in the product and find that it is a product flaw. equipment mounted:

    I have purchased a product manufactured by your company

    * I have read through the technical passport of the product, declaring that the product is installed in accordance with the requirements laid down in the manufacturer's technical passport and used for its intended purpose, without prejudice to the requirements of the instructions for use. Having assessed this, I have a claim for this product:

    I believe that the deficiencies listed in the claim are defects in your product, please send your representatives to see the product installed, defect detection and removal. If it is found that these deficiencies have not arisen due to the fault of the manufacturer, I undertake to reimburse the cost of the arrival of your representatives. (0,7€/km + VAT) And the time spent on the trip and on the spot (45€/hour + VAT) For each service crew member (not more than two members). If, within 7 calendar days, I do not refund the specified costs in good faith, I agree to be recovered from me in accordance with the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

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