Container boiler houses

User’s who have no suitable building for heat or unable or unwilling to build one Kalvis offers modular heat plants. They can be as simple as a manually stoked boiler set in a container and connected to a h eating system of the building or as complicated as a fully automated heat plant with various fuel supply, water preparation, exhaust control systems, heat plant pump stations, reserve fuel boiler and any other heat plant equipment. Depending on the output and amount of equipment required modular heat plants can come in one or several modules. To improve transportability oversized modules are assembled on site from two parts.

For your comfort we can offer modular container plants. Depending on the required power they can be build in sea container or large couple containers which after shippment are joined at the customer site. In the container plants can be installed from manually fuel loaded systems to automatically loaded various fuel feeded systems with water supply, smoke exhaust control, boilerhouse pumps control, additional reserved boilers and any Customer required additional equipment. Today built boilerhouses systems can be controlled remotely through internet. We are looking forward for new opportunities and for new customers.

Examples of finished projects

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