Angular raising scraper conveyor (PGK-K)

Scraper conveyor is used to transport fuel from fuel storage into an intermediary tank or other fuel-into-boiler supply equipment. Rising part of the conveyor is covered while the horizontal one remains open. Horizontal part is installed in the concrete trough, beneath the hydraulic fuel supply equipment. Fuel is supplied into an open part of the scraper conveyor and raised into an intermediary tank. Scraper conveyors may be used to transport larger sized fuels than KSK and transport fuels for long distances. These conveyors are designed depending on the site of installation.

Parameter Value
Output, m3/h  17
Angle of the conveyor, not greater than 45°
Fuel dimensions, not greater than, mm 10 x 20 x 50
Drives motor ~400V, *

* Drives motor output is chosen when designing heat plant equipment.

Dimensions: Height, (mm) 620
 Width, (mm)  1100
 Length*, (mm)  *

* Length of conveyor is selected according to project of boilerhouse.

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