Auger pellet conveyor SGK1

Conveyor is used to transport pellets (mx diameter 8mm) from hopper to burner. Conveyor supplied fuel in cycles set via burner controller.

Conveyor model SGK1-1,8 SGK1-2,5
Max output when conveyor angle is 45°, kg/val. 20
Used for pellets only, pellet size not greater than diameter, mm D = 8
Empty conveyor filling time, min 6 8


~ 230V, 0.09kW, 12.6 aps/min


Conveyor model SGK1-1,8 SGK1-2,5
Diameter of pipe, mm 80 80
Overall dimensions: Height, (mm) 320  320
Width, (mm) 130 130
Length, (mm) 1900 2600
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