Central heating solid fuel boiler K-2-20

  • Multipurpose bottom combustion solid fuel boiler
  • High efficiency (82%)
  • Large fuel load (136 dm³). Logs length 0,4 m
  • Fuel is loaded from the front or top
  • Automatic adjustment of boiler temperature
  • Secondary air supply
  • Secondary burning chamber with refractory concrete catalyst
  • Smoke exhaust, ignition and draught dampers
  • Fire grates shaking mechanism
  • Heat exchanger cleaning from both boiler’s sides
  • Emergency cooling coil
  • Possibility to install smoke exhauster
  • Possibility to mount pellets burner
  • Housing inner wall steel plate thickness – 6 mm
  • Warranty for boilers frame 4 years



Nominal output, kW


Heated area, m² *

B class premises 172 – 420
C class premises 92 – 220

Fuel used

wood logs **

Efficiency (firing wood logs), %


Combustion chamber volume, dm³ (l)


Fuel load combustion duration, up to, h. ***

10 – 14

Logs size, not greater than, cm


Water volume in the boiler, l


Flue diameter, mm


Minimum chimney draught, Pa


Overall dimensions, HxBxL, mm


Mass (brutto), (± 10 %), kg



* Energy efficiency according STR 2.01.02:2016.
** It is also possible to use wood waste, sawdust and peat briquettes.
   It is not recommended to burn firewood with a moisture content greater than 25%.

*** The burning time of the fuel boiler depends on the type of fuel, humidity, outdoor temperature and other factors.


  1. Cooling coil
  2. Smoke removing damper
  3. Ignition damper
  4. Flue and draught damper
  5. Exhauster mounting place
  6. Secondary air supply inlet
  7. Soot cleaning covers
  8. Burning chamber’s refractory bricks
  9. Ashtray’s drawer
  10. Fire grate shaker
  11. Fire grates
  12. Draught regulator


A part of recommended boiler connection circuit, execution of which ensures long-term boiler operation,
  prevents from condensate formation inside the boiler.
Circuit shows no auxiliary technology equipment (valves, expansion vessel etc.)

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