5 CLASS Compact pellet boiler K-8-16DG (16kw)

BURNER BurnPell X.Mini or PellasX Revo 26

  • Patented fuel mixing system in combustion chamber
  • The control panel is equipped with an emergency thermostat
  • Automatic ignition, cleaning, combustion control
  • Smooth electronic power adjustment
  • Automatic restart after power loss
  • Very high combustion efficiency – up to 99 %
  • The burner combustion chamber is made of heat-resistant stainless steel
  • Fire protection
  • Low power consumption

BURNER CONTROL PANEL S.Control Touch MK2 or S.Control Standard MK2 (touch screen)

  • Supported languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian, Latvian, Estonian, Polish, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and others.
  • Weekly cycle programming
  • Sensitive temperature sensors can be connected to the control panel for automatic control of heating circuits, three-way or four-way valves and hot water preparation
  • Additional modules can be connected to the panel with additional control of 4 heating circuits with servomotors
  • Possibility to control the burner with a room thermostat – ecoSTER
  • Possibility to control the burner online by connecting internet module – ecoNET
  • Possibility to connect Lambda sensor

Boiler model


Burner model

BurnPell X.Mini
or PellasX Revo 26

Control panel

S.Control Touch MK2
or S.Control Standard MK2

Minimal power/ Nominal power, kW

4,8 / 16

Heated area *

B class premises

187 … 560

C class premises

90 … 267

Fuel used

wood pellets

Pellets size, not bigger than, mm

Ø 6-8

Fuel consumption at nominal power, kg/h.


Efficiency, %


Fuel bunker volume, dm3 (l)


Water volume in the boiler, l


Flue channel diameter, mm

Ø 160

Draught in the boiler, Pa


Overall dimensions (bruto), not greater than, HxBxL, mm


Mass (brutto), (±10%), kg



* Energy efficiency acc STR 2.01.02:2016


1. Pellets hopper
2. Flue socket
3. Turbulators
4. Ashpan
5. Combustion chamber door
6. Burner
7. Pellets feeding hose
8. Gear pellets auger
9. Sensor digital display

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