Laser cutting

Sheet metal laser cutting


Laser cutting machines Prima Power Platino FIber 2.0 4kW and CX3000 let us cut metal sheets very accurately and fast.

Specifications of the machines:

Specifications of the machines:

3000 x 1500 mm (+20mm)

Max thickness by sort of steel:

black steel s=16m

stainles s=10mm

aluminium s=5mm

zink coated s=3mm

Cutting accuracy by sheet thickness:

up to 4mm: +- 0,1 mm

up to 5…10mm: +- 0,2 mm

up to 12…16: +- 0,4 mm

Please contact us by phone: +370 671 88891 We would be happy to answer any questions you might have. Please send your reaquest for quotation to Thank you for the sending your drawings in .dwg or .pdf format.


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