Screw conveyor of the warehouse (SSK)

Warehouse auger conveyor intended for chopped fuel feeding from warehouse into rising auger conveyor PSK or scraper conveyor PGK. Conveyor consist of trough and at through ends mounted drive unit (0,75 kW) and rear bearing.   Conveyor to be mounted inside of concrete trench under to hydraulic fuel feeding equipment.  In case of fuel pour out opening is provided not at and of auger than auger to be made of two directions
Notice: The hoppers of conveyor’s pour out openings to be manufactured at mounting site.

Parameter Value
Efficiency, m3/h 3…4
Crushed fuel dimmensions not larger than, mm 10 x 20 x 50
Drive of motor ~400V, 0,75kW
Overall dimensions: hight, (mm) 500
 width, (mm)  450
 length*, (mm)  *

* length of conveyor is selected according to project of boiler house.

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