UAB “Kalvis” provides services that will let you live worm and save.

Heat plant equipment design, manufacturing, installation, automation and servicing of heat plants these are works that are best left to UAB “Kalvis” specialists while you take care of your primary business.

Experienced designers working for Kalvis perform design services for heat plant equipment, technological equipment and automated systems.
We design:

  • Modular heat plants
  • Solid biomass fired boilers
  • Automated heat plants and fuel stock equipment
  • Steel constructions
  • Technological equipment, lines, conveyors
  • Parts, stamps, moulds
  • Heat production equipment

Kalvis installs and renews solid biomass heat plants. In Lithuania since 2003 there are over 70 operational heat plants installed. We perform commissioning works, guarantee and post guarantee servicing on all our designed and installed heat plants during their operational life span. Our engineering team will help you choose the most cost effective and safe heat producing equipment that complies to the requirements currently valid in EU. When choosing equipment we recommend to use practically tested well functioning equipment. Use of our specialists suggestions and solutions will help you manage your energy resources more efficiently.

Heating solutions and products are successfully installed and run in Lithuania and abroad: Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, France, Kenya and other countries. 

A lot of questions regarding boiler, industrial heat plant equipment or other heating equipment arise when installing a new heating system in a house or a solid fuel boiler room/ heat plant or when there is a need to change the boiler. Kalvis staff is ready to help you with your questions. After evaluating information you submit to us we will recommend you:

  • how to choose a boiler correctly
  • which boiler type and which boiler output you should choose
  • how should heat plant equipment be set up
  • what type of fuel should be fired
  • how should solid fuel boilers be operated safely

If you have doubts about your choice please contact our sales team.

If you plan to set up a new or renew the existing heat plant please contact us. Our staff will visit you at your convenience, they will evaluate existing conditions and, should you so require, will offer you the most optimal technical and cost efficient solution for setting the equipment up. We shall provide you with the pre project equipment set up plan and a preliminary quote. This service is free of charge!




Row. No. Owner Adress Boiler type, quantity Start of operation
95 UAB “Herantas” Laisvės g. 85C, Tauragė K-500M 2016 07 18
94 AB “Panevėžio energija”, Kupiškio šilumos tinklų rajonas Aukštaičių g. 3A, Subačius K-500MD 2016 06 13
93 UAB “Jondara” Melekonių k., Varėnos r. K-720M-1, 2 vnt 2015 12 01
92 UAB “Jonvira” Liejyklos g. 3, Šiauliai K-100MD 2015 11 02
91 UAB Fortum Joniškio energija Kęstučio g. 1B, Žagarė K-720M-2 2015 09 15
90 UAB Trakų šilumos tinklai Senųjų Trakų k., Trakų r.



2015 09 02
89 UAB “Vakarų beržas”

Kaulinių k., Radviliškio r.



2015 06 16
88 AB AKJ Energiteknik Horningsholm, Švedija K-950M-1+PRK 1200 konteinerinė katilinė 2015 05 23
87 UAB Kretingos šilumos tinklai Melioratorių g. 10, Kretinga K-2000M-1 2015 04 20
86 AB “Freda” Piliakalnio g. 3, Kaunas K-950M 2015 01 07


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