The manufacturer guarantees that the product meets the technical documentation requirements.

The warranty service for a properly installed and operating boiler from the day it was purchased is:

  • Boiler housing – 24 months
  • Parts to be supplied12 months.
  • Fast wearing parts – 6 months.

During the warranty period, the manufacturer undertakes to perform a free fault elimination if this is due to the manufacturer’s fault.

Warranty does not apply to:

  • Without submitting the purchase documents;
  • Without submitting the installation protocol of the company which installed you the boiler;
  • Violation of the installation and operating instructions;
  • In the case of mechanical damage to the boiler;
  • Determining that the boiler has been repaired by an outsider.

If the boiler is not properly selected, poorly installed or operated, and this is determined during the visit to the user. In this case, the user of the equipment pays for the arrival and repair. At least once per year revision of the boiler and its control elements have to be done with the help of qualified specialists. We please the user to make sure that after the warranty repair, the service worker leaves a passport entry in “Remedies for warranty and non-warranty repairs” section and fill the warranty service act.

I got acquainted with the conditions of warranty service of the boiler. I am informed that after installing the boiler and operating not in accordance with the requirements specified in the passport, I lose the right to after-sales service.

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